5 Best Long Surf Boards

5 Best Long Surf Boards

Longboard surfboards are returning the success of longboard surfing in recent times. This was particularly the case in Asia and among women. Today’s surfing environment with new shortboards was not like the 1960s when wave enthusiasts flocked to shore with longboards typically 10 ft. high. Longboards are the first form of board used during stand-up surfing. These typical surfboards appear to have a single fin as well as a pointed rounded nose.

Female with long surfboard

Many of the novice surfboards are longboards. You’re going to see several styles and sizes of longboards. Longboard dimensions appear to vary between 270cms to 430cms or only 90cms longer than surfers. You will also have your height checked before you rent or offer a longboard for your surfing lessons. 

Longboards seem to be fair good on waves, which are far too weak to handle a shortboard owing to its variation of buoyancy and share are volume. Longboards have been popular among professional surfers who do have the potential to surf a wave while balancing their toes on the board’s nose.

They are less stealthy than a shortboard, but they’re great for newcomers aiming for something which is a fun and welcoming ride. Aside from experiencing fun, a surfboarding longboard assists with leg and muscular strength and provides fitness.  Not every beginner can make a wise decision when choosing the best longboards. That is why, in our top five picks, we have shared one of the best long surfboards for you to choose from. 

  1. Wavestorm 8′ Classic Surfboard

Wavestorm 8′ Pinstripe Classic Surfboard is a perfect surfing board for beginner riders, children, and surfing schools. It’s gentle, lightweight, and quick to navigate. It brings you a comfortable experience with a fair retail price, a decent weight, and attractive graphics.

The vibrant style is shielded by GFTTM, enabling it to remain underneath the sun for hours without fading away. It includes an HDPE bottom skin that leaves it resistant to the effect of sea waves. It is ideal for beginners who require a user-friendly board. Even so, seasoned surfers would enjoy their experience with it too.

  • Creative Army Huevo PU Longboard Surfboard

Creative Army Huevo PU Longboard Surfboard is among the most flexible longboard surfboards in the Creative Army. It is present in 3 sizes (8′, 7′, and 6′). The board includes a medium rocker, which prevents the surfboard nose from slipping into the wave peaks.

You’re going to enjoy the three-fin design present at the bottom. The SLX construction incorporates the additional benefit of lower weight with the flexibility of epoxy components. The CNC milled construction and the high stiffness makes the board very comfortable, agile, and heavy under your feet.

  • 8’8 Heritage Surfboard

The most robust and innovative surfboard styles in the SBBC manufacturing line are the Heritage 8’8 soft top board. It is made of components that not only render it sturdy but also fun and relaxing. The 3-string method aims to increase the power of the board while also reducing overall versatility.

Custom elements such as fingerprint coated foam offer you a relaxed feel while supporting you with reasonable control while trying to maneuver.

  • Paragon Surfboards Performance Longboard Surfboard

If you’re searching for a sleek nose rider without any of the unnecessary weight of a typical board, Paragon Surfboards Performance Longboard Surfboard is the one for you. Paragon Surfboards Performance is a renowned ride in numerous wave pieces. You’re going to ride waves easily as never before. This fantastic small longboard surfboard arrives in iconic colors.

The innovative structure of the board is precise, compact, and reliable. The polyurethane core gives you a high-performance surfboard that includes an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio.

  • StormBlade 9’0 Storm Blade Longboard Surfboard

StormBlade 9FT Storm Blade Longboard surfboard is mainly intended for beginners and advanced riders. But it doesn’t limit experienced surfers to use it, either. This surfboard is made of EPS core paired with three marine-ply stringers. The specification also contains high-grade HDPE smooth bottom and is offered in 4 various sizes. Stormblade, equipped with molded cores and state-of-the-art construction technologies, has been embraced by multiple surf institutions thanks to its predominant emphasis on standing on the first ride.

Longboard surfboards are ideal for any surfer searching for a relaxing ride. If you’d like a longboard that’s flexible, robust, and enjoyable, all the boards from our list are perfect. Strong material quality is just as critical as the shape of the board. If you’re spending on a surfboard, pick one which will last a long time.  No matter which board you decide on this list, you’ll be satisfied with your order. From high-quality components to flexible performance, you’re going to have the best surfing experience when you’re paddling. Be calm in the water, be careful and secure. Good luck with your new longboard experience!