Best Beaches to Surf in Australia

Best Beaches to Surf in Australia

The beach and the surfing culture are rooted in the Australian society and culture and the Australian souls. Providing an array of beaches that are not only ideal for relaxing but also create most of the most splendid surfing waves in the world, Australia is often called “The surfer’s paradise.”

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And for a worthwhile purpose, it is among the world’s first surfing locations, with 37,000 km of coastline, beaches, reefs that test the most accomplished surfers. Some areas have been top-rated, and others are largely shrouded in mystery.

Often some stunning waves surface are present for just a few days a year, and also some beaches which are not famous for surfing are inevitable during a pretty swell. Difficult spots to pick, but we’ve been trying to put together surfing spots that you can’t forget if you’re in Australia. There are also more friendly areas for learners who can practice comfortably. Here’s our list of the best surf spots in Australia.

Northern Beaches, NSW

Sydney is a host to many of the finest surfing beaches in Australia. Sydney provides an array of spectacular beaches, but the 20km area of coastline between Manly and Palm Beach is the city’s surfing community’s core. Besides, The Hawaiian surf icon Duke Kahanamoku initially introduced surfing to the Australians here at the Freshwater beach in 1915. Surfing programs in Manly thrive for newbies, while the world-class waves in North Narrabeen are mostly just for the professionals.

Batemans Bay, NSW

If you’re a surfer living in Canberra, Batemans Bay is definitely for you. About 150km east of the city, you will relax and hit a variety of excellent breaks in only a few moments. Broulee Beach offers easy-breaking waves that supply longboarders with a cruising trip, while Depot Beach has reliably excellent surfing, but it’s still under the radar.

Gold Coast, QLD

While there are more than enough beaches along Queensland’s coast, the Gold Coast’s best beaches are the jewels there. From the large sandy beaches to several waves, it’s no joke that most of the greatest surfers on the planet claim this Australian paradise they’re home. There are so many beaches to surf and to rest from Rainbow Bay and Snapper Rocks to Narrow Neck and Surfers Paradise.

Noosa – QLD

Situated on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Noosa is another of the most popular breaks that surf enthusiasts would be acquainted with. Noosa provides a fantastic menu of break choices and its gentle trips, also in a broader swell, generally called a beginner’s heaven and a longboard wonderland.

Bells Beach – VIC

Culturally and ethnically, Bells Beach is dedicated to the Australian surfing spot and is now host to Australia’s largest and most established competitive surfing competition, today called the Rip Curl Pro. The winner always earns a conventional trophy bell.

Victor Harbor, SA

It’s no wonder that Adelaide’s urban residents —85km south is Victor Harbor, a strip of coastline that just about everyone would enjoy. North of town, you’ll encounter strong waves at Knights Beach, host to the Pro Bodyboarding Sport. To the south, experts will go to Waitpinga Beach for reliably big 3m waves. This beach can be lonely, catch a buddy and visit the nearby staple, The Surf Shop, for some resources and guidance.

Angourie, Yamba

Located on the north coast of NSW around Yamba, Angourie has a unique place in the city’s minds as the first national surf reserve in New South Wales. Plentiful with crashing waves and natural wonders, this spot is phenomenal to surfers.

That takes us to this article’s end; we’ve assembled a collection of what we believe are the best surfing spots in Australia, which you should explore during your next surf tour. There are various locations on Australia’s expansive coast, from islands to nature reserves, that will encourage you to surf uninterruptedly. With waves for newcomers and experienced surfers, several of the world’s finest surf spots are in Australia. We hope that this article addressed a few of your concerns, made you realize how gorgeous Australia is and why it’s the second-largest surfing nation.

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