Why I Love Surfing

Why I Love Surfing

Surfing consumes us in today’s advertising photos, commercials, as well as in movies, but what’s all this awesomeness about? Surfing retains a specific place in my heart and remains one of my life’s most fascinating and satisfying activities.

Being fit is always helpful, but if you’re out there doing just what you enjoy, it feels a lot more satisfying. Surfing is among the hobbies that promises huge physical advantages with some of the most spectacular environments on the earth. The rewards of surfing seem infinite.

3 guys walking for a surf

If you haven’t experienced surfing yet, there are a whole lot of good reasons why you should. Once you start trying it, you will keep on making strides in the activity. Read the reasons why I enjoy surfing below, which will definitely compel you to surf.

Surfing Is a Great Exercise

I make use of each part of my body while I’m out on the ocean surfing. I even find out about muscles that I didn’t even realize I had. I take advantage of surfing by developing physical fitness. In contrast to these benefits, surfing is a physical sport that helps me strengthen my lungs and heart. Surfing is so much fun that it doesn’t feel like a workout. Afterward, I know it was an exercise, but the stress of activity is a tremendous pain, ensuring I had an outstanding surf experience.

Surfing gives me Confidence

Confidence arrives along with personal exercise. That being said, the confidence that arrives with surfing is not inherently embedded in pride or arrogance. It’s not simple to learn to surf.  Often surfing requires anxiety and sometimes even physical discomfort. Developing this sort of Confidence is among the most beautiful abilities I can carry out of the sea to other aspects of my life. Fully understanding that I just surfed unfiltered raw energy on shifting bits of the ocean makes life even more magical.

Surfing Teaches Patience

Every new activity or hobby demands time to master, but for most individuals, surfing takes a while then, say, walking or jogging. Getting pretty good takes a bit, but when I reach goals, including rising or learning a new action, the satisfaction is so much greater.

Surfing brings me Closer to Nature

Surfing often leads me to boundless gratitude for the natural environment. Surfing allows me to encounter a fresh outlook on the external universe. Though some may perceive surfing as a challenge, almost all of the surfers I’ve talked, perceive surfing mostly as a way to engage with their atmosphere.

I Get to See Beautiful Sunrises and Sunsets

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Instead of getting trapped inside an office job, I reorganize my life goals to make sure I can get some subtle sunrise or sunset surf experiences. If you’re an early bird or a night owl practicing to surf, it’s a treat to see plenty of lovely skies nature provides.

Surfing Is Fun

Surfing may also be stressful at times, but those experiences are overwhelmed by the joyful emotion when you encounter and surf a big wave and the state of contentment after a fantastic surfing practice.

Surfing Is a Great Release

Surfing is a popular, tried-and-tested complete body exercise. Every part of surfing challenges my power, endurance, resilience, and fitness, from riding to surfing waves. Surfing is a perfect way to leave the burdens on the beach and get interested in a therapeutic liberation. Experiencing the water flipping towards me as I hang out for the second wave is among the most pleasant experiences in life.

Walking with a surfboard

There’s an infinite amount of fun to surf, whether that’s a feeling of gliding away from my troubles offshore, getting insight on the daily life while riding a wave or simply just drifting around and dreaming about very little at all. I learn to respect someone bigger than me as I surf.


If the idea of wearing a swim suit in the water amazes you, then it’s the time to confront your inner madness and try among the most empowering activities on the earth. If you find that you’re a dedicated surfer from heart, surfing will add all kinds of fun to your lifestyles, the same way it does to mine. Above mentioned reasons why I love surfing should also be enough for you to give surfing a go.  So begin by choosing your beloved surf locations and experience surfing the way I do.

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